Back to the Future with Java 7

by Martijn Verburg 

Thursday, 09 June 2011 9:15

The very first speaker of the very first GeekOut is Martijn Verburg who will take us back to the future with Java 7.

Java 7 is finally on its way! In this talk Martijn covers the most exciting features of Java 7 including:

  • Project Coin (a set of small yet very useful changes to the language)
  • NIO.2 – Java I/O for modern times
  • The new Fork and Join framework for concurrency
  • Invokedynamic – how it helps other languages on the JVM and provides the foundation for major new features in Java.

To round the presentation off some of the history of how he got to Java 7 and also where the overall Java ecosystem is heading will be covered.